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Movies about Cats:

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Homeward Bound - The Incredible Journey (1993)

Genre: Adventure, Drama, Family
About: Dogs, Cats

Three household pets -- a lovable golden retriever (voiced by Don Ameche), a sassy cat (Sally Field) and a feisty, funny bulldog pup (Michael J. Fox) -- mistakenly believe their owners have abandoned them in this lighthearted live-action adventure based on Sheila Burnford's novel. In an incredible effort to be reunited with their family, the trio set out together on a journey through the great outdoors that takes them beyond their wildest dreams.

The Cat From Outer Space (1978)

Genre: Sci-Fi, Family, Comedy
About: Cats

Homeward Bound II - Lost in San Francisco (1996)

Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Family
About: Dogs, Cats

Cats & Dogs (2001)

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy
About: Dogs, Cats