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Movies about Satan:

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The Devil's Advocate (1997)

Genre: Drama, Mystery, Thriller
About: The Devil, Laywers

Kevin is a hotshot southern lawyer who gets the opportunity of a lifetime when he is offered a job with a law firm that promises many opportunities. He takes his wife to the Big Apple in hopes of a better life and a good job. But he only finds himself on the receiving end of trouble when he realises his boss is the Devil himself and has some treacherous plans up his sleeve for Kevin.

Constantine (2005)

Genre: Action, Drama, Fantasy
About: The Devil, Demons

The Prophecy (1995)

Genre: Horror, Thriller, Fantasy
About: Angels, The Devil

Prince of Darkness (1987)

Genre: Horror, Thriller
About: The Devil

Devil (2010)

Genre: Action, Thriller, Horror
About: The Devil, Being trapped

Legend (1985)

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Romance
About: Demons, The devil

Bedazzled (2000)

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy
About: The Devil

End of Days (1999)

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Horror
About: The Devil